The Easter Arches

The feast of the Arches of Bread in San Biagio Platani, Agrigento

It is one of the most spectacular festivals that take place in Sicily, in the heart of the province of Agrigento, in the village of San Biagio Platani, which is about 7 km from Sant’Angelo Muxaro and almost an hour drive from Agrigento. The village of San Biagio Platani was founded in the seventeenth century but took its current name in 1863 with clear reference to its patron saint and the nearby river. The origins of this folk and religious event also date back to the seventeenth century. Two competing confraternities are the protagonists of the event: “I Madunnara”, devoted to Our Lady, and “I Signurara”, devoted to the Risen Christ. For many months the population of San Biagio, divided into two teams, is engaged in the preparation and construction of magnificient towering compositions of reeds and dried agave stalks decorated with citrus, laurel and bread in the most varied shapes and sizes. This outdoor exhibition is held in two sections of the main Umberto I street, centered around the Mother Church. This is the meeting place between the Risen Christ and the Madonna carried in procession on Easter Sunday by their respective confraternities. Arriving in the village you are fascinated by the vision of real artworks of bread, colourful mosaics of pasta and cereals, incredible reproductions of majestic sculptures.