Sunset and night tours

Valley of the Temples: Evening and night opening hours

From 7 July to September 16, 2018, the Archaeological Park of the Valley of the Temples stays open until 22:00 on weekdays (exit the site no later than 23:00).
On holidays and day before holidays the site stays open until 23:00 (exit the site no later than 24:00).

On Sunday 5 August and on Sunday 2 September 2018, first Sundays in the month, free entry is until 19:00 (exit the site no later than 20:00). During the evening and night opening, from 20:00 to 24:00, admission will be charged as usual.

Sicily TravelNet registered tour guides offer guided sunset and and night tours departing from the ticket office of the Temple of Juno located in Via Panoramica Valle dei Templi. These tours are optional and it is possible to visit without guided tour.

Evening and night opening hours – 2018:
From 7 July to September 16, 2018
6.40 pm (The tour begins with daylight.
See the sunset and then the temples lit up)
8.00 pm (illuminated temples).
Duration of the visit: 2 hours

The archaeological and landscape park of the Valley of the Temples is one of the most representative sites of classical Greek civilization.
Along a rocky scarp, chosen as the southern limit of the town, are still sited the great temples of ancient Akragas.
The temples are illuminated every night year round at nightfall. In summer (schedule changes every year), the archaeological park stays open late for evening and night visits. Sicily TravelNet sunset and night tours are led by qualified tour guides and begin just before sunset. Enjoy the summer night cool, observe the changing colours of the temples sandstone- between twilight and nightfall- and finally admire them lit up by lights.

Evening shared tour of the Hill of the Temples to soak in the magical atmosphere of the Valley illuminated first by the colors of the sunset and then by the floodlights.
Duration of the visit: 2 hours

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