Pirandello’s Girgenti

“Until the Second World War Girgenti was the town of his childhood inhabited by characters pushed to the edge of madness by their paroxysmal, hypertrophied self-love: sharp analyzers of their feelings and their troubles, taken up to the point of delirium by their passion for “reasoning “, even stronger than that for women and for property, obsessively intent on defending their appearance from their being in front of the others and sometimes of themselves – or suddenly suited to melt away from appearances, to elect themeselves “dropouts “, “creatures “in the flow of life. Characters in Search of an Author”.

Leonardo Sciascia – Lessico pirandelliano

Literary paths and guided tours to explore places, events and characters associated with Pirandello’s works and related to the Agrigento region

  • 1° Route: Caos, Villaseta, Porto Empedocle
  • 2° Route: Giardina Gallotti, Frazione San Michele, Comitini, Aragona, Milocca
  • 3° Route: Colimbetra, Temples, Church of San Nicola, Osteria del Cacciatore, Hotel des Temples
  • 4° Route: Bonamorone Cemetary, Culmo delle Forche, Rupe Atenea, Convento di San Vito
  • 5° Route: Piano Sanfilippo, Church of San Calogero, Passeggiata, Villa Catalisano
  • 6° Route: Via San Pietro, Church of San Pietro, San Francesco, Via delle Mura, Church of Santa Lucia
  • 7°Route: Municipio, Rabato, Church of Santa Croce
  • 8°Route: Via Atenea, Via Ficani, Piano Gamez, Santo Spirito, u Poju, British consulate, San Vincenzo, Bibirria
  • 9° Route: Via Duomo, Church of Itria, Biblioteca Lucchesiana, Bishop’s Palace, Cathedral of San Gerlando, Vicolo Arco di Spoto

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