The Temple of Hera or Juno Lacinia

Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples

The name is, like the one of other Greek temples at Agrigento, conventional. In the architecture of this building, erected on the south- east corner of the Valley of the Temples at a height of 120 meters above sea level, is obvious the worry of a rigorous artistic perfection.The building, like the others, faces east and has remarkable dimensions: on a high rectangular platform (m.41,106 in length and 20,260 in width), mounted on four steps, rest 34 columns. Six on the short side and thirteen on the long side , counting the corner ones both ways.

A double square that occupies a surface of 832,807 square meters. The columns consist of four tamburi or drums with 20 sharp-edged flutes and have a height of meters 6,32 and a base diameter of meters 1,70; their distance is meters 1.71 at the center and 1,76 at the sides. It can be dated around 450-440 B.C. Today, 30 columns are standing but only sixteen with their capitals.

It was restored by the Prince of Torremuzza in 1787.

Excerpts from the guidebook “Agrigento – The Valley of the Temple and the Regional Museum” by Giuseppe Di Giovanni, a companion to most of the visitors of the Valley of The Temples.