The Almond Blossom Festival – International Folklore Festival

In February Agrigento becomes the capital of the world and of peace among peoples with the “Almond Blossom Festival” Almond Blossom Festival. Program: At the foot of the “sacred hill”, history, folklore and art blend harmoniously into a spring festival that Agrigento and its valley offer to the attention of the world. The Almond Blossom Festival, which is the most important event of the year for the city, started by the Count Gaetani in Naro as a peasant festival to greet the early delicate blooming of the almond flower in the adjacent Val Paradiso valley and transferred to the Valley of the Temples in 1935 Count Gaetani. The festival displays a harmonious assemblage of folk traditions and pursue the ideals of peace, brotherhood and freedom. Folk groups from all over the world meet in Agrigento, perform along the streets and take the spectators in an immense journey through history. The most exciting moment of the festival is the final performance on Sunday in the splendid Valley of the Temples, with the award of the Golden Temple to the best folklore group by an international jury. In the morning there is a parade of the folklore groups, singing and dancing through the streets of the city among festive wings of people.