The Temple of Concordia

Agrigento’s Valley of the Temples

The setting of this building is unique in the world. Ratios are simple and proportions are perfect.

Erected around 430 B.C., it is 19,758 meters by 42,230, slightly larger than a double square. It covers an area of 843,38 square meters and has a height of 13,481 meters. The cella was preceded by a simple antechamber (pronaos m. 5,110 by 7,650) with two columns and was followed by a back porch (opistodomos m. 4,720 by 7,650), where the treasure, votive gifts and the archives of the temple were kept.

The elegant and airy columnade, according to classical models, has 6 columns by 13; every column, 6,75 metres high, consists of 4 drums and has 20 sharp- edged flutes. The tbuilding was named by the historian Fazello (1490- 1570), who found in the vicinities, a Latin inscription not having any relationship with the building. In 597, it was converted into a Christian basilica by the bishop Gregorio, He pulled down two pagan idols in the temple; since one of them was called Raps, the Church was later consecrated to St. Gregorio of the Rape (Turnips).

Excerpts from the guidebook “Agrigento – The Valley of the Temple and the Regional Museum” by Giuseppe Di Giovanni, a companion to most of the visitors of the Valley of The Temples.