The hidden Sicily: the snow industry

“La Via del Ghiaccio” excursion, in Monte Cammarata, in the most remote part of the Agrigento area, to learn about the snow industry and taste typical gastronomic products linked to it. You will be guided by the last descendants of the La Rocca family, who for centuries managed the snow trade, in a unique journey through culture, nature, sweets and sorbets.

The “Stone Giants”

The “Stone Giants” on Monte Cammarata, the neviere (snow basins), are documented structures in Sicily from the 15th century and built for snow conservation. During the snowmaking process, the “nevaioli” sang songs that are rooted in the Arab-Persian tradition and were dedicated to pagan gods such as the Goddess Moon.

The various desserts such as the white pasta ‘cu ghiazzu’, the ice cream per piece and a little all the enogastronomic products of the territory reflect these ancestral rites.

The same neviere have almost elliptical or crescent shape and for the nevaioli they were true places of worship. Furthermore, one of the techniques used for snow conservation can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

Guided tours: Tour of “La Via del Ghiaccio”

  • Morning:
    • Tasting at the “La Suite del Gusto” restaurant of the typical pastry ‘cu Jazzu’. Listening and recostruction of the Songs of the “nevaioli” ( man who work with snow) of Arab-Persian origin;
    • Visit to the most famous “Neviera” in Sicily;
    • Mother Church of Cammarata and Food Anthropology: The Bread of the Painter; there Madonna of the snow and the church of the end of the 1500s;
  • Lunch
    • Return to the “Suite” with tasting of the “Menu of the Nevaioli” and the ancient liqueurs of the “Speziale”
  • Afternoon
    • Visit to the historical photographic exhibition of the “Gelato and Snow Industry”: history of the art of making ice cream, the snow trade and the characters that animated it;
    • Return to the “Suite del Gusto” and tasting of the “White Sorbet of La Rocca”.
  • Download price list (guided tour, lunch and tastings as in the program are included)

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