The Valley of the Temples

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Discovering the Valley of the Temples, one of the most extensive, representative, and best-preserved archaeological sites of classical Greek civilization, granted Unesco World Heritage status in 1997. > The archaeological area corresponds to the remains of the ancient Akragas, the original nucleus of modern Agrigento. Along a rocky scarp, chosen as the southern limit of the town, are still sited the great Doric temples dedicated to the gods. Within the area of the ancient city, there is also the Pietro Griffo Regional Archaeological Museum, which houses 5688 finds that illustrate the history of the territory from prehistory to the end of the Greco-Roman age.

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0 friends, ye who inhabit the great city of sacred Akragas up to the acropolis, whose care is good deeds, who harbour strangers deserving of respect, who know not how to do baseness, hail! I go about among you an immortal god, no longer a mortal, honoured by all, as is fitting, crowned with fillets and luxuriant garlands…

Empedocle of Akragas – Fragments

All the itineraries to discover the territory of Agrigento and its surroundings, an exceptional source of inspiration and setting for the works of many writers, from the Leopard to Inspector Montalbano. Historical and nature trails to experience the authentic character of past and modern Sicily.

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