Salvo Montalbano, police commissioner in the imaginary Sicilian town of Vigata.

Character created by the pen of Andrea Camilleri who in his novels tells the story of the commissioner dealing with mafia crimes, murders and kidnappings, and the most varied cases of malfeasance in the Sicilian locality.

Thanks in particular to his deep intuition and strong investigative acumen, the anti-hero Montalbano always manages to sniff the right track.

Montalbano’s First Case

“What flavor?” “Cassata.” He went into the back room. Two men were playing a round, with a couple of friends looking on. Montalbano sat down at a table and began to eat [...]

Scala dei Turchi – Turkish Steps

Features The Scala dei Turchi has a wavy and irregular shape, with lines that are not harsh but sweet and rounded. The colour of the rock is pure white, a colour which, as we shall see, is due to [...]