Ticket offices and parking facilities

There are two ticket offices: the Porta Quinta – Sant’Anna ticket office in Contrada Sant’ Anna (Via Caduti di Marzabotto) and the Temple of Giunone ticket office in Via Panoramica Valle dei Templi near the Temple of Juno.
In the vicinity of each ticket office there are parking lots for cars.

A suspended footbridge connects the Eastern Hill (Temples of Juno, Concordia and Hercules) with the lower area where the Temple of Jupiter, Castor and Pollux and Sanctuary of Chtonian deities are located.

Warning:Do not park along the road leading to the entrances. The area is patrolled by the police and you are very likely to get a parking fine

If you reach the Valley by city bus get off at “Clinica Sant’Anna” bus stop, cross the road and follow the sign for the ticket office.

Parking fees: motorcycle Euro 2, car euro 3, camper euro 5

Tour buses: the parking for motorcoaches is located in Contrada Cugno Vela in Villaseta. It is recommended that drivers drop groups at the Temple of Giunone entrance, then go to the parking area and meet the group when it is ready to leave at the end of the visit.