The history of Agrigento

25 centuries of Agrigento history: the founding of the Greek polis, the Roman and the Byzantine period, the Arab Kerkent, the Norman Gergent, the medieval period, the Spanish and Bourbon city, the risorgimento and the modern era.

“The Akragas of the Greeks, the Agrigentum of the Romans, had ended up in the Kerkent of the Muslims, and the mark of the Arabs had remained indelible stamped on the minds and manners of the people. A taciturn slothfulness, a sensitive and jealous distrust. The slothfulness, so much to do good as to do evil, was rooted in the deepest confidence of fate, in the concept that nothing could happen, that it was in vain any effort to shake the desolate abandonment, in which not only the minds lay, but also all things ”.

The Old and The Young Luigi Pirandello